Praying to find peace, rest, and endless joy … and how to foster learning from it.

(Affiliate link – click the pic) I contacted the folks at Learn to Mod after my son saw a sample of their product.  To say that J went nuts is an understatement.  He ran around screaming and tackling his sisters.  We have been using Code Academy, and it is free.  We like it.  It is becoming too hard for my kids and there is no support for “technophobic” moms.  SO, Learn to Mod is publishing this book in July.  It comes with THREE FREE MONTHS OF ONLINE ACCESS to their subscription product, which is $30 a year.  J and I will be reviewing the product in July and can’t wait to tell and show you all about it.  We are tackling this review together, but as a teacher I know that the best reviews of educational products come from the mouths and brains of my kids.  I will be giving the teacher spin, but don’t we learn the most when we hear it from the mouths of those using and processing it?  J also wants to add videos on our YouTube Channel.

Check out Learn to Mod now and pre-order your book via Amazon.  I think that I’ve linked it… perhaps teacher needs help with this, too.  I did mention techphobic.


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