A-Maze-ing Learning Resources


I have gushed over Learning Resources and Educational Insights many times.  We love them.  They are having an 80% sale right now.  Stop and go to https://www.learningresources.com/.  These are learning/toys that you can drop.  Wash.  Heat.  Feed to the dog.  They last.  Maybe a little more pricey than toy store stuff, but well vetted by teachers and worth every penny.  They always come loaded with learning activities and usually a download for additional activities.

Enter “Create-A-Maze.”  Every family has the kid that likes to build without instructions or “rules.”  They usually have one or more that NEED the instructions.  And sometimes there is a combo or that kiddo that just takes it and makes it into something totally different… like a WWE Bomb Shelter… ’cause we all know that the Undertaker is coming for us… sorry… I digress.IMG_0988

I gave this game to my kids after receiving it from Learning Resources to review.  We reviewed the Candy Gears… yep… they too were part of the WWE Bomb Shelter… when did they start using weapons?  Actually… don’t tell me.  I would rather stay in my marshmallow homeschool mom world bliss.

JJ grabbed the big box and hit the bricks.  He put it together quickly and it is very sturdy.  Immediately lost one ball.  Tears.  Thank you Learning Resources for giving us TWO balls… knowing kids.  Some teacher worked on this… I’m telling you.  He started with the cards.  Then he put the cards together and tried his maze creations.  Lastly, he tossed the cards and used the pieces to make his own designs.  He actually started drafting on paper first.  Wow!

IMG_0991 (1) Yep…excuse my poor photography, BUT the cards are laminated and one side is in English, one side is in Spanish.  How great is that for all the ELL learners or dual lingo kids homeschooling?

And finally, he took the board and took off the roller piece.  He searched for differing thickness items around the house and tested how his mazes worked.  Hours of fun that led to discussions of gravity, friction, structure, shape, velocity… all without me.  I heard JJ and his sisters talking about it all in the other room.  Love that.  Delight and child-centered independent learning.  Hands-on learning.  A great extension for physics and science.


Did I mention the 2 balls!!!!

Learning Resources has great sales!  Head over to their site and sign-up for their discounts.  I bought a ton of stuff with their 25% discount.  Love it!


AND there is an 80% discount right now on a TON of items!  Stop.  Drop the phone.  Hold the potty run.  Go… now!  https://www.learningresources.com/





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