Well, I (begged) asked politely if we could review some of the Learning Resources games.  We’ve used them for years, at home and in classrooms.  They are durable.  They are colorful.  They are spot-on when it comes to age ranges.  They invariably come with additional printables.  The First Science Kit has been thru volcanos and melting Skittles.  It takes a lickin’ and… you know the rest.  Still perfect shape.  I even toss it in the dishwasher.  No melting.  Great activity cards.  Kids grab a tray.  Grab a card.  Grab some dye.  Pop on their goggles.  Off they go.

Our box came today.  We opened the Sweet Shoppe Gears first.  Even Ace got in on the learning.  IMG_0973

Please ignore all cluttery Advent stuff.  It makes my kids and hubby happy.  Breathe mommy, breathe.   It makes me twitchy.  SO, as you can see… they ripped into the box and got to learning.  Then I noticed my kids weren’t sure about gears – ratios, different configurations for machines, cogs, teeth… so… enter BrainPop for a quick scaffolding.  IMG_0976

Uh.  Yeah.  Ignore the ugly feet and I don’t do mani/pedi’s.  Sorry.  Journey… not destination fancy feet here for this girl.  I’d use that $ for a good latte.  😉  Just keeping it real.  So they watched a video they found on BP… took the quiz (not my idea) and my son who as you can tell was playing actually got them all correct.  Did you know that a fan has a set of three circle gears?  Stuff they don’t tell you in college, graduate school, post grad…

Back to work.  Please know that this is there process, not my agenda.  I might toss a book out or an iPad, but this is there learning.  Ehm.  And I learn, too.

And back to “work” they go.  Hours!  They did stop for their “quiet read and snuggle” time.  Even my eldest got into this.  She watched the video and played… then went and drew a gear system to catch “Pennywise and any other clown that messes with me.”  She read, It.  Perhaps not my best parenting decision.  She is Confirmed.  Regardless, it was extremely complex… think Bose invention.

So we had a lovely afternoon of simple machines, candy gears, cogs, and 1:3 ratios.  Watch the video.

In conclusion, Learning Resources makes the BEST learning stuff.  The colors grab the kid.  They must be sneaky that way when researching HOT kid colors.  They don’t break.  There are a ton to share .. no fighting.  LOVE IT!  And stealthily my kids learned a TON… on their own path.  Shhh !

Final analysis:  those folks at LR are stealthy.  Fun learning games and activities that are in fact RESOURCES … worth every bloody penny and FAR less expensive than the junk we get at the toy store or other educational companies.  AND 14 to 8… all engaged.  WOW!  Do you get the spy, mission impossible, sneaky music now.  That is what I was thinking the entire time.  Hmm… or was it about lattes?  Or gear systems and the internal gears on electric windows.  Ok… going James Joycian on ya’.  Stream of consciousness.

Go on Facebook.  Get one of their discounts.  A lot right now.  Go to their site.  Order the catalog and your Christmas list is done.  Subscribe to their sales/email server.  I got 30% off the science kit.  You will not regret it.  And lastly, if ANYTHING goes wrong… and I mean years later … with their items… missing piece… lost piece… call them and they will ship it to you.  AND I DIDN’T GET CHARGED!  My son “lost” a card for one of their math games.  It was in the stock room.  Great company that loves and THINKS about kids when creating educational products.  Huh!  Wish you saw that in all kids’ products.  I also saw a bunch of their products in the learning section of Toys ‘R Us this year.  It is also available on Amazon.


Love it!  Next post on their awesome maze game I fought the kids away from today.





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