Super Saints Headbandz!

I will say that printing and laminating this cost $20 bucks and we had to go into Staples three times – and they still didn’t get it “right.”  With that negative said, all the other stuff I wrote (and I was given the pdf to review – all are my own feelings about the product, though) is true.  Here is my LB in her Headbandz with St. Cecelia.  Did you guess she sings?  😉  Such a blessing and gift from Our Lord!





4 thoughts on “Super Saints Headbandz!

    • Sweet Monica,
      You are more than welcome. They are pretty. Make sure the STAPLES folks use the lamination machine with a roller. The one that they have at schools for teachers. Otherwise, they just peel apart. OR you can be smart and do them in double-sided, but we couldn’t figure out how to do that and use page 11 for each back side. Thanks for the great opportunity! They are great!

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