Super Saints Card Game – To Honor Our Saints and Have Fun Learning Thru Play!


I asked Monica at Equipping Catholic Families to review this product.  I’ve been reading about it’s pending release and knew that she wanted to start a fund to enable them to have it available for the World Meeting of Families in September.  History:  We have been purchasing from ECF for years.  We have given their spiritual bouquets to many friends and family members.  What most endears me to their products is that MY CHILDREN are pulled to create, work on, use, and share these items.  We take their sets of cards to Mass and my youngest uses them to identify the monstrance, Stations of the Cross, and all of the things he sees on the cards.  All my kids help him seek them out.  Recently, we have been passing the cards to little ones who need some direction and tired parents who need an extra set of hands during Mass.  We don’t bring outside materials to Mass in our family, but as these are so interwoven with the Catholic faith, we feel that they are an excellent way to tie the Mass into concrete learning for our kids.  We are not the family passing the cell phones for video games… although I have been known to give visual learners the Rosary app to follow with.

I digress… Monica kindly sent me a set of cards to print and use.  My kids almost immediately started coloring them.  Well… no trip to Staples for color copies!  We laminated them at home and they were in “play” immediately.  Each card has the name of a saint and a great deal of information.  ECF’s has a suggested game list, but the kids created their own rules to fit every little learner into the game.  They each chose a favorite.  They each asked questions and gave clues.  After an hour, I joined in.  We pulled out the Headbandz.  We each placed a saint card in the front, and asked questions in order to guess who it was.  I was ASTOUNDED by the information that my kids already knew and the amount they’d gleaned in just the little time they’d used the cards.

The artwork is lovely – albeit my kiddos’ coloring is a little less beautiful artistically – it is beautiful to me… they used (click for the link) Prismacolor pencils before we laminated them.  That’s a mistake I’ve made half asleep.  Just sayin’.

My favorite card is St. Clare.  I love her work and devotion to St. Francis.  St-Clare-2-248x300And her feast day was today!  Divine Providence!

ECF has created a Flower Fund Project to enable them to make sets for the World Meeting of Families in September.  I have a button on the right for both the fund and the site. and you may visit them and see all of their wonderful products at  Each of my children have their sacrament books, and they are so dear to all of our hearts.

Lastly, I’d just like to thank ECF for allowing me to review this product.  And I’d like to thank them for the time, faith, love, and dedication they put into this family mission.  They quietly add “buttercream” to our catechism each day!


2 thoughts on “Super Saints Card Game – To Honor Our Saints and Have Fun Learning Thru Play!

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    • Thanks, M. We took it to Panera to play with a gaggle of girls. Headbandz, too. They played for an hour and laughed their heads off! They learned (wink, wink) so much… both about Catholicism and about social play! Thank you for that! Any age, a bunch of fun! I’d send pictures but they were rolling around and laughing… it was a bit hard to snap …

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