Mrs. Criddle THM Queen!

green4-1024x683OK. You MUST… all feelings about squash, zucchini, etc. aside … MUST try the recipes at So far we have made two. GF and THM (Trim Healthy Mamma – low carb). Recipe 1:  Green Enchiladas GF THM!  Yummers!  (See George Marshall’s George and Martha circa 1971 @ # yepImthatold – “Yummers.”

  My favorite tool for scraping squash!  Worth every penny.  Nothing is wasted!  (Click for affiliate link)

2.  spaghetti-spaghetti-casserole

Every single person ate 2 servings.  The ONLY change that I made was to pulse the zucchini and onions in the food processor, so that no zucchini “haters” would balk.  We used turkey, but honestly – the fat content is the same as lean ground beef.  And I “mighta'” used a “smidge” (read as “I used”) of extra mozzarella and parm – and parm on top to bake.  

This is our favorite baking dish.  The 15 year marriage last gift standing.  Oh, and mine is not this white any longer.  😉  Well-loved!

Click on the pictures for affiliate’s direct links.  Next:  Mrs. Criddle’s Pumpkin Bake for breaky!  Oh my!


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