What Does THIS School Supply List Say About OUR Homeschoolin’?

This is the way we roll!  Dog poop pencil sharpeners?  Bat pen with the Batman signal light.  Zombie poppers.  You gotta have something that controls that “squirrel” ADD/ADHD-like mind wandering..


In our house… “Is that a sarcasm card?” is tossed about quite a lot!  NOW NO ONE HAS BEEN WATCHING TBBT under the age of 44…



Hmm… would this be for me or the kids… hmmm..


I am thinking this is a total necessity!  1.  My son won’t be afraid of shots any longer.  2.  Annotation skills… getting ready for college.  Right?  Justify it for me…


Learning Resources Zoomy Handheld Digital MicroscopeWho doesn’t need a microscope that links to your computer?  Onion slices?  Hair samples?  Your sister’s tongue?  Or … well I will leave the rest to your imagination.


  Snappers!  Come on… let off steam.  Take a break… all you need is a rock… oh, oh… geology!  Yep… that sells it!


Lest you think that we don’t actually use pens and pencils … paper.  All the sterotypical 1970’s school supplies… just modern style.  Seriously?  YEP.. seriously.


I tend to lean to the honest mom side of things… not brutally honest.. or “honest to goodness” that says your dress makes you look fat.  No one wants a mom like that.  No one wants a friend like that.  I am the friend that will say as you exit the dressing room in an ill-fitting bikini, “Well.  That’s a good color.  What other styles do they have in it?”  Just sayin’!  Done.  Justified.  Actually, I will use these in all clubs, co-ops, at girlfriend coffees, and “invite” my kids to do the same in their groups ;)… gotta keep it light.


  And I did say, “coffee,” n’est pas?  Shhh… do not speak now.  Just look and contemplate.  You know it’s true.  Positive parenting … yep .. it starts with owning your feelings and honesty about your “now.”


  We do a lot of “sloppy copies” or “weeding the garden” … homeschool and teacher speak for … um.. editing.  Let’s do ALL that we can to avoid calling things by their name.  Seriously?  Yep.   Seriously!


Sharp~End Dog Pencil SharpenerThis I will allow you to define your own need for… it’s all the same in the end.  Actually my most girly girl picked this.  I will analyze and report back later.


  or (so as not to be gender-biased… or whatever I’m supposed to say these days)


  And because I like to spend YOUR money and live vicariously through your purchases.. and that they extended the age to meet my kids usage…. Because I’m trying to keep it “educationamal” as JJ says.  Spielgaben.  Don’t look at the price.  Just look at ALL of the drawers, organization, colorful manipulatives, connection to visuals… ahhh!  This is the direct result of 1970’s catholic “in the box” square desk schooling.  See what happens Sister Roberta?

I am an Amazon affiliate but every opinion expressed is mine alone.  I don’t affiliate with any of the vendors above, but again, opinions expressed are my own and honest.


What is on your “can’t afford but covet” list?








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