The Book That Creates Havoc in Your Heart & Makes You Clear?

Do you ever read a book that is crushingly, heart-wrenchingly, can’t stop but can’t go on. The books moves in and shapes you. Changes you? I thought this book would be about a Parisian bookseller with troubles, but used his gifts to help others via books. And then I read his (her) thoughts about books not being able to mend the “evil.” WOW! I have to read more, but I can’t stop. It’s like this is my “Dorian Grey.” Not for kids! I hope it speaks to you. This woman wrote it during a period of mourning, mending, she is much like the main character. I have to share. It haunted me all day. Do you have a book like that? I have found nothing but trash lately. Murder and affairs spied via drunken train rider. I hope this fixes you in some way you need and may not even recognize.


Today I received a blog post from – see … It touched me.  After little sleep, reading this book, all that is going on (Beanboozled excluded) in our lives, cancer… It was like the perfect collision – blog and book.  I’ve told you all that I’m too confused to even get our homeschooling list straight with so much on my heart.  Regardless of your branch of Christian faith, if this blog and book don’t kick you in the gut – in a good way – kinda like labor after 9 months of 70 lb pregnancy in the hot Virginia summer – ahhh… he’s here… nothing will.


Kinda like caramel and sea salt go so well together which seems so wrong.  Heather had a guest blogger and I just want to say, Thank you for kicking me awake today.  Our Lord knew that I needed to read your sage words as I read this book and live these experiences right now.  In the end, I think we always get it right, ’cause Heaven ain’t here.  Saint Peter’s standing at the gate.  We need to stop looking for it.  Stop bashing our heads on a cement wall.  It won’t move.  It is what it is.  Cement.  And, I guess we just need to remember that we are infinity loved, understood, and broken – God created us.  He knows the “now” and the “years from now.”  That’s the rest and peace we seek in faith.  In love.  In each other.  In our kids.  In our passions.  In God.  In books.  In salted caramel candy ;).  In our books.  In ourselves.  Too confused to get it “right,” but secure in God’s ability to set my brokenness aside and just love me as sinful and sorrowful as I am.   (Affiliate link)

Run to your library, get this book… order it… listen to it…. ingest it.  And then go back to the post at Heather’s.  I the faith so as to move mountains, as my grandmother always said, that you will stop feeling so confused and fall back into Our Lord’s loving and most sacred hands and heart.  Ironically, he’s just standing there waiting for us to do just that.



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