BAM! Family Game Night is BEAN BOOZLED!

  Oh!  My!  Good Lord!  On the one hand I want to list the pros:  fun, laughing, didn’t eat any candy or sweets, umm… bonded with my children.  Hubby declined.  Cons:  too many to list 😉  Icky, icky, icky.  The best part – see the youtube video – was having my LB say, “Oh it tastes like chemicals!”  Not that “Ick… I’m eating dog food.”  It tastes like chemicals.  Really?  Oh – and I am on the fence about giving this as a kid birthday party gift.  And PPS.  We have two more boxes of jelly beans to play with … or give as GIFTS to friends.  Just saying.  My grandmother would say, “You’d better WATCH OUT!”

I have not previewed this video, so excuse all jittery craziness.  We are far from experts.  😉


It was fun, though.  Uggh.  I just belched barf or skunk.  Not sure which.  That will tell you something.



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