How to Toss it in the Air During Trauma and Homeschool on the Road

“On the road, again.”  “Throw it in the bag!”  OK, I will say that Willie and hip hop don’t jive, but regardless – both are so true for us right now.  My mom has lymphoma.  My mom has lymphoma.  The person who holds 41 years of my history is very sick.  How do I support her?  Why is she so calm?  Thank you, Lord for wrapping her in your love and calm.  Me, too 😉  Please?  OK.  B would tell me to drink a jigger of liquor.  Excuse the rhyme.  So, all the posts showing the pretty stacks of ordered and organized curriculum for next year.  My BFF’s completed order lists.  I haven’t even decided on it all.  I am math and writing heavy.  I can’t make a decision.  I can’t stay awake.

  Sarah Mackenzie!!! I need a HUG!  I can’t think clearly.  WHERE IS MY REST AND PEACE?  And no, I have yet to order the book, “Teaching from Rest.”  Have to wait for cash.  And frankly, unless I can ingest it via some other way than reading… it ain’t getting into my head right now.

  If you love me… this is what you should be sending me!  Just saying!  I forgot my 15th anniversary.  I forgot birthdays.  Yep.  A wreck.

So, back to HOMESCHOOLING:  I have begun to let go of my envy.  Yep.  Confessional Sunday.  I have begun to let go of our past “normal.”  My kids past “normal.”  My family’s past “normal.”  I have a stack of papers with my plans.  Again, math and writing heavy.  Does any child need 3 writing programs?  No.  3 math programs?  No.  The frontal lobe knows that.  The remainder of my brain remains in flux.  Think ping pong ball or atom bouncing all over the place.

The only saving grace is that I have two kiddos using Nancy Larsen 3 this year.  Toss the box and binders in the car.  Laptop at Grandmas.  Done.  Check.  And at this moment, having one area of our homeschool next year tied down and portable is a straw of gold.  We have our binders made.  We have our box organized and our additional “fun” living books ordered.


Click to see the Science 3 Table of Contents.  WOW!  Visit for more information!  Worth every penny!  It comes with a list of living books to go with the curriculum!  Bada bing … done.  (I am an Nancy Larson Affiliate, but my reviews of this fabulous program are 100% my own).

Do you have a friend who grounds you?  My BFF called and said, “Pick one thing.  Do the minimum.  Order little to nothing.  Compare yourself to nothing.  Save ‘yourself” for your mom.”  I guess in the end, if I order it.  Great.  If I get a picture of a neat stack online.  Great.  If I don’t.  Great.  As I look at the heap of curriculum  “planner” pages at the end of my chair, fine.

Think:  download Well, it is NOT exactly this bad, but it’s long and colorful.

The day is over.  Hubby is asleep watching something banal.  On a good note:  JJ received a lovely note from Hilary Lewis today @ Rocking Teacher Materials.  She sent my boy a copy of her Minecraft writing package!  53 pages!  Free!  “AWWWHHHH! say, JJ.  We are off to print it at Staples at… err… 5:30 AM.  See my post on the Minecraft Modding book!


Tomorrow we are going to play, go shopping for fun school stuff and cute flip flops.  Then we are going to text some pictures to my mom.

Thank you Hilary!  Thank you Sarah – I will read the book but it is the balm I’m going to need in a few weeks.  I’m waiting for it like ice cream.  And thank you my BFF who grounds me and always tells me that I’m skinny and OK.  Sometimes don’t we need someone to tell us that?   It’s “enough!”





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