Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter!

Oh, how I’d love to share that two new little feet were coming, but sadly that is not Our Lord’s plan this month.  BUT – second best … Captain Underpants… or as my kids call him, “Captain Undiepants,” is on his way back to bookshelves!  WOOHOOO!  We have stayed occupied with “The 13 Story Treehouse” series (Shout-out to Bits of Memory), but nothing truly fills the void like Dav Pilkey.  Pre-order now!  It will sell like hotcakes.   Affiliate link.


These are the first eleven books.  OKAY.  The spelling is incorrect, the grammar is incorrect.  Yadda, yadda.  Bottom line.  They are meant to write as kids.  Incorrectly.  Secondly, I love the connection with the Pilkey school horror stories.  I remember the 1970’s mean school teacher who berated me for flipping the “i and e” after losing synaptic fluidity by having to memorize her rules.  No songs, Man.  We didn’t sing in school in the 70’s.  I had to sit in the bathroom… and she forgot me… and when I coughed later during read-aloud she brought me out, rocked me and cried.  Perhaps she was afraid of CPS.  Unlikely, the teachers were always right in the 70’s.  Hmm… I digress.  Perhaps I need to ponder this whole Pilkey / 70’s school horrors thing later?  Whatev’! .. that’s what the boys would say in this book series.

SO, nuts to school rules… nuts to being like everyone else…. nuts to conforming to a box-sized ideal… nuts to anti-creativity… and nuts to no comics made by kids being writing!  If your kids don’t get lost in this series for a week and then move on to Ricky Ricotta, Ook and Gluk, and Super Diaper Baby… well…

I’ll be BEAN BOOZLED!  I think my son learned to read at 4 fluently thanks to Dragon!

  So, we stop by Dav’s website all of the time.  Full of fun pics, games, and info.  AND it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s really coming!  That is from some silly Christmas movie, but that sums up the squeals and excitement from 13 down… OK, from 44 down.  😉  WOOHOOO!


PS.  And if the spelling, etc. bothers you.  Have them keep a pad to write the words correctly as they read.  That is a great free spelling program… and connected to something their interested in without rules to block creative thought.  AND have them illustrate the spellings…

PPS.  You MIGHT need to order several.  The Flip-O-Rama’s will tear your books up in minutes.  Trust me.  I taught many a little boy to read and “hooked” him on books with Captain Underpants.  They might have acted silly, but I think it was worth it.  That was when we had time to D.E.A.R. and free read in brick and mortar schools.  Just saying.


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