And Sometimes You Wake Up To….

Okay.  I detest herps.  I just do.  It’s not the entire family Reptilia.  I am fine with turtles, lizards, and tortoises.  Truly.  We have a HUGE tortoise named “Fish.”  Boxtrolls book … not the movie (we are purests)… and the irony of it NOT being a fish.  Who knows what truly motivated my JJ.  He’s 8.  It is very likely that I am overthinking it.

So this AM, I wake-up to a scream.  Parenting reflexes kick in, no coffee… run!!!!  “DD, what are you screaming on the deck for?”  “There is a dead black snake in the garden.  He ate the dead frog and got caught in some deer netting.”  “Ok.  Get some gloves and go trash him.  Can you put him in the compost bin?”  “He IS MEAT MOMMY!  No meat in the compost bin!”  “OK.  Well, how about the woods to decompose into bits like the animal cycle book?  Other critters will eat him and we are helping the web of life?”    The latter is BY FAR my favorite.  The fox breaks down into “bits.”  It’s the English in me.

Well… I finally take of to the garden with shovel in hand.  You never know.  It might have been alive but sleeping late.  Here is what we saw and conquered.

photo As you can surmise, it had long since expired.  It was obvious from the lump in it’s middle that it had ingested said dead frog.  This is not the first of my fights with herps.  Last year I scared on into the woods with the pool vacuum… which broke and I battled a rearing-up and hissing snake (as our LARGE dog backed away and didn’t bark) with a stick shaped like a “Y.”  I reared!  It might have been poisonous.  So, snakes beware!  I might be the world’s biggest herpophile, but I WILL TIGER MOM YOU!  Oh, and DD was MUCH less afraid after I went, retrieved it, and carried by the deer mesh back up the hill.  Then she wanted to dissect it.  As mothers, sometimes even the journey of education won’t allow us to do certain things inside the house.  Or at all.  Let’s just say.. she went off with the appropriate tools and I asked no questions, but made sure that she was outside with her brother.  Ignorance is blissssss!


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