Despotic Fiends and Brash Mabel!

Okay, we love books.  I don’t mean a normal, “We love books.”  I mean the we have 10,000 books that are taking up as much space as our Legos love books.  And as book-lovers, we are always looking for new books to devour.  When asked what my kids would do with two weeks of down time, the eldest asked the others to think about how much they could read over two weeks.  And she’s almost 14 – that’s saying something.  As I was looking at Penguin Kid’s today, I found this intriguing new title from Will Mabbitt:

You know you are a book-a-holic when you see a name and instantly know another book / author with a similar name.  DD shouted, “OH!  Text-to-text connection, Mommy!  His name is like Natalie Babbitt from Tuck Everlasting.”  It was 8 AM.  I need to give my kids melatonin or something so they awake in the fuzzy pants, dire need for coffee daze that I am in at 8 AM.  I am certainly not thinking about text-to-text anything …

Mabel fights despots after making her dessert for breakfast with jam to the edges to cover the taste.  Who doesn’t want to read that?  This book just hit the shelves, and I urge you to fight all despotic intercession to grab a copy!  I am going to try to review it.

And as we live in a rural community, our library does not have this book.  We don’t have a great number of good books, but we have a lot of trees and cows and can blow-up fireworks that might be slightly illegal, depending on how you define that word.

I do believe that the librarian that receives the suggestion emails detests me.  Usually mine say something like, “How is it possible that we don’t have this series?”  And yes… I tend to give statistical breakdowns of reviews, purchases online, etc.  I did notice that they have made the suggestion form shorter.  And no, they don’t usually order what I’ve requested.  And no, inter-library loan here costs us $15 a year and an additional LARGE fee per book.  Cheaper to put it in the Amazon cart and get it later used for $0.01.

Ah!  Despotic librarians.  Despotic fiends.  Despotic fireworks laws.  All in one day… and a heroine that we covet just from the preview read on Amazon.


PS.  And we don’t own Kindles.  We like paper.  No judgment.  We just like paper.

PPS.  We like our house, too, which might fall down under the weight of all of these books.  Hmm… I need to rethink this… someday.


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