Salmon Saturday… and a FEW hidden ingredients!

Today DD had an idea.  Why don’t we review recipes we find online and on the cooking channels on your blog?  Well, not really my platform, but if they cook the food, it’s win/win.  Homeschooling at it’s best.  Measurement, critical thinking, forming opinions and justifying them.  So, all of you ladies better watch out!  These kids are tough but honest critics.

LB is allergic to gluten, but the rest of my family have leaden bellies.  I think I am allergic to gluten, as well, but I eat “around” the kids so we have more food for the kids.  You will read that as – leftovers so I never have to make lunch – or one less dinner to make.  Heehee!

Consequently, I use a lot of paleo recipes to whip up meals.  With Aldi being the high-end store on our current budget, we have to select recipes where we have access to the ingredients.  I can always get sweet potatoes and plantains.  Almond meal… not so much.  I splurged at Christmas on a giant bag, and we use it sparingly.  This is my favorite: 


Tonight we are reviewing, Everyday Maven’s, “Weeknight Salmon Cakes,” at


Raise your hand high if you eat fresh salmon every week.  Month?  Well, here is a way to eat gluten free or just plain healthy AND eat salmon cakes like a royal.  My 11 year old likes to make these, and we find the pictures of Everyday Maven looking for the canned fish skin and bones funny.  You have to have guts (no pun intended) to post those pics.  My kids demand the science disposable gloves all homeschoolers have.  The only tweak we make is to swap onions for dried minced onions and the fresh parsley for dried.  We use 4 tablespoons or so.  We fry in whatever oil we have, but if you have coconut, use that.

The lemon and hot sauce kill the canned salmon taste.  They sound horrid when you discuss them with the girls at parties – sadly, yes that would be me – but if you try them you will never go back.  The recipe always turns out perfectly, which does not happen with some blogger recipes.  And I find that exceedingly frustrating… the food cost money.  Don’t post it until you vet it with friends.

Regardless, they are delicious and make enough for our family with leftovers.  There are two secrets.  Upon our marital vows, my J at everything.  Peas, beans, sweet potatoes.  Fifteen years later, he is “slightly” more discerning in his tastes.  One night, he told me that his palette just didn’t want the food served.  This is fodder for an ongoing laugh with my girlfriends.  “Will J’s palette like it?”  My retort, “If they sell it at Aldi it better!”  Well, he now won’t eat hot sauce or sweet potatoes.  And guess what is in these sweet salmon pancakes?  Yep…

Now I realize that I am posting this all over the Internet and any old person can read it.  Namely J, but it’s cheap, it’s fast, it’s kind of gross to make – think of it as homeschool science – but it is DELICIOUS.  And now that he’s eaten and loved them, perhaps he will rethink the sweet potato and hot sauce.

So:  5 stars for a recipe that works with ease and that kids can make with supervision, as they are frying.   5 stars for taste.  5 stars for economical.  Thank you, Everyday Maven!

PS.  You can also swap it for tuna which we always have a bunch of.  I haven’t tried it with the white fancy pants tuna, but the good old tuna with water works great.

PPS.  And it was a homeschool science experiment.  My kids learned that fish has to be cooked to be canned, as well.  Later that night they went on the free Discovery Streaming via and watched the canning process.  bcuw7wzkz_r2998_f6  It’s free until the end of August.  We use it everyday.  No ad’s.  No scantily clad video game sales.  No sales that I’ve seen.  Videos, images, and articles at the typing of a few key words.  K did research on William Randolph Hearst and Orson Wells prior to watching “Citizen Kane” last night.  Today she’s on to “The War of the Worlds” and the impact of radio on our culture.

Salmon cakes, martians, and newspaper tycoons!  We are anything but linear … but it is the journey!


2 thoughts on “Salmon Saturday… and a FEW hidden ingredients!

  1. So glad your family enjoyed these! We also love them and make them frequently (almost always have some in the deep freeze) and I 100% agree with you on how annoying it is when recipes don’t turn out and you waste good ingredients. One of my pet peeves as well. 🙂

    • Freeze them! I think an anvil fell on my head. Brilliant! Glad you liked it. I love my dd’s idea to review blogger recipes… and maybe a few from the Food Network. We have one lady that we keep buying and making her recipes and they NEVER turn out every well. Such a waste. I’ll build a meal around one sweet potato – that’s how we found you!

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