Pudewa saves the day… And A Bit of Minecraft!

photo (1) How you might ask, did Mr. Pudewa and IEW save the day?  There are two reasons in this home.

1.  Recently, LB and I attended the HEAV Conference in Richmond, Virginia.  We were given a much needed scholarship to the event.  Truly a blessing.  LB and I spent time laughing, parking near voodoo priestesses and having the car refuse to start, praying and watching it jump back to life (it was 100 degrees), listening, and gaining some much needed spiritual insight about our small crosses.  Minus the voodoo priestess in the parking lot, we met many wonderful folks, but “The Beatles Hit the US” moment was when Andrew Pudewa arrived from several talks and classes.  My little sweetie came flying over shrieking – something 13 year olds tend to frown on in public venues – from the bow and arrow display at another booth.  After approaching him from behind she said, “Excuse me sir, but you appear to be in DEEP YOGURT!”  Now, if you are an IEW user, you will understand that Mr. Pudewa uses that term in his DVD courses.   Pudewa swung around with a twinkle in his eye and told us that this was a much treasured phrase his father used when he was growing up.  He was delighted that he had taught more than the importance of “Dress-Up’s.”  Pudewa kindly allowed us a “fan shot,” and it struck me that it was so kind of him to talk to LB for so long after a his own day of travel, speeches, fans, and classes.  You would be surprised at how ardent homeschooling families get with their virtual teachers.  He looked so tired, but he just bounced back as he interacted with my daughter.  A sign of a true teacher!  It’s in the eyes!

2.  JJ is 8.  If  you do grade levels, he is entering third.  That tells us teachers nothing about the gifts of the child.  Well, I have been using guided writing with him all year.  He does a great deal of free writing in his journal about Legos and king baboon spiders.  Somehow Minecraft tends to fit in there, and he almost lost his mind when we saw a Minecraft writing packet on Teacher Pay Teacher.  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Crafty-Minds-Creative-Writing-for-Minecraft-Crazy-Kids-1074354 by Hillary Lewis.


So, JJ has watched his siblings using IEW B all year.  And as learners absorb like sponges, he grabbed a sibling’s IEW notebook and an unused article about jelly fish.  In went the DVD.  Out came the paper and PEN – yes Mr. Pudewa… this Mommy listened and learned, as well – and off he went writing his own key word outline of this article.  At 7 AM this morning, my son was sitting at the table writing out his paragraph revision.  By 7:30 AM, he was typing his paper!  All of this and not a worksheet in sight.

All self-motivated.  All self-generated.  I didn’t edit it.  I just let it flow and prayerfully kept my mouth closed when he made a mistake.  Thesauruses were flying, synapses were connecting.  How many synonyms do you know for neurotoxin?

All of this before I brewed coffee or fed the kids.  So as far as I am concerned, Andrew Pudewa is Captain America today.  My sweet boy has now gone off to create a paragraph about Minecraft to dissect and rewrite on Monday.

Thank you, Captain IEW!

PS.  As we don’t allow “screen time” during the week (minus Brainpop or Discovery Streaming if we have them for free) JJ studied US monuments and Washington, D.C. today – he decided to make the claim that one could actually build the Washington Monument and other memorials sacred to our country on Minecraft… so, thank you Captain Minecraft… where ever you might be.


3 thoughts on “Pudewa saves the day… And A Bit of Minecraft!

    • Thank you, Hilary. Long-time classroom teacher/user of your TpT products. I remembered your blog post and pulled it up. The Minecraft writing kit was his launchpad, but it’s in our cart! Thank you for ALL the educators out there for all that you do for us… and for the kids!

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